Code Of ConDUCT

Summary: "Don't be an asshole."

CircoFit Client Code of Conduct


CircoFit seeks to continually provide a welcoming and comfortable environment which ensures trust and respect for all clients, visitors, staff, and volunteers. CircoFit strives to provide clients with a safe environment to grieve, regardless of culture or religious beliefs. In order to maintain our longstanding reputation in the community, we have established this Client/Customer Code of Conduct Policy to specify our expectations.


Expectations of our Clients

All clients of CircoFit are expected to treat our employees, other clients and visitors with respect and dignity while on company property. CircoFit strictly forbids discrimination or harassment of any kind, whether based on race, colour, national origin, religion, creed, sex, age, physical, mental or developmental disability, marital status, sexual orientation, political ideology or any other reason. Harassment may include unsolicited or unwelcome remarks, gestures, or physical contact, as well as the display or circulation of inappropriate or derogatory written materials or pictures.

The following is a list of behaviours that will not be tolerated:

  • Physical violence;

  • Verbal abuse;

  • Any form of harassment;

  • Intimidation tactics and/or making threats;

  • Malicious or harmful statements about others;

  • Public disclosure of another's private information;

  • Possession of dangerous or unauthorized material; and

  • Solicitation, purchase or selling of illegal substances.

Clients and/or visitors who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be asked to leave the premises.


Of paramount importance to CircoFit is the safety and security of its employees, clients and visitors. This policy is strictly enforced and non-compliance will result in corrective measures being undertaken.

The Owner and staff of CircoFit reserve the right to exclude any person from accessing services as a consequence of violating this policy.

Acknowledgement and Agreement.




CircoFit Staff Code of Conduct

CircoFit is committed to providing a safe, healthy workplace that promotes a high level of job satisfaction and a respectful work environment. We believe that it is a shared responsibility of all employees to work towards the constant improvement of our workplace. To assist the organization in maintaining an exemplary work environment, we require that all employees of CircoFit conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner, at all times.



To preserve the core values and business principles that our organization is founded upon, we have compiled a list of unacceptable behavioural actions that have been classified as either:

  1. Hazardous to employee safety;

  2. Criminal;

  3. A negative influence on workplace morale; or

  4. Detrimental to the success of our business.

CircoFit reserves the right to discipline and, in certain cases, terminate the employment of any contractor or employee for participating in any conduct that violates CircoFit's Global Code of Conduct standards and policies.



Studio Kids Policy


CircoFit’s first and foremost priority is providing their students (until July, 2019, all adults aged 18+, currently 16+) with a safe and enjoyable training space.


We understand that occasionally planned child care falls through, and that new mothers benefit from access to short training sessions with their infants present as they ease back into their circus activities. We hope to strike a balance between flexibility to clients who are parents and the main purpose of our studio: a physical training centre for adults.


  1. Infants aged “0 to crawling” are welcome to be brought with their parent for afternoon open training before 5pm.

  2. Children aged 6 years and older may sit on the couch during their parent’s instructed class IF they are able to sit quietly and not be a distraction to their parent or the other participants or coaches. Parent and child may be asked to leave at any point in time  at the discretion of any coach. Refunds or make-up classes will not be provided.

  3. CircoFit will not be responsible for caring for your child. Parents accept full liability for any injuries that may occur while on the premises.

  4. Activities typical to a circus studio or gym setting will not be altered despite the presence of a child. These activities include and are not limited to: loud noises, loud music, dropped weights, whipping rope or silks tails, expletives, and crude language.


Thank you for being kind to your fellow humans