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Audition Call

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

When: Sundays, (CORRECTION) Sept 25 and Oct 2, between 4pm and 9pm

Where: CircoFit, 13615 149 St NW, Edmonton

Who: Open call.

Why: Acorn Thief Entertainment is creating a roster of talent for the 2022-2023 performing seasons, with ongoing paid opportunities for successful chosen artists.

How to Prepare:

Acorn Thief Entertainment is looking for finished (or soon-to-be finished), saleable acts of multiple modalities - aerial or otherwise. Number of successful applicants will depend on the quality and quantity of audition pieces. Please keep all acts under 10 minutes.

Candidates may audition different acts, so long as they have different apparatuses or modalities OR are a solo vs duo vs group act. Please provide a separate application for each act.

Acorn Thief Entertainment is accepting auditions for stand alone acts (solo, duo, or group acts) of silks, corde, straps, aerial hoop/lyra, spinning trapeze, contortion, dance, magic, juggling, hula hoop, flow arts, clowning, hand to hand acrobatics, and more! Please note, no fire props allowed during these dates due to limitations of the audition venue, but Acorn Thief is accepting fire act applications with audition dates TBD.

Chosen performing artists must make themselves available for a professional photo/video shoot (date tbd) to create promo material.

To Apply

Copy/paste the following questions into your email body and provide answers to each.

  1. Available: (Sept 25, Oct 2, or both, OR please contact me with the Fire audition dates)

  2. Name of performer(s):

  3. Main contact name and email address:

  4. Name of act:

  5. Apparatus/prop/modality:

  6. Genre (drama, comedy, high energy, etc.):

  7. Technical requirements (ex. flat ground, indoor venues only, minimum ceiling height, minimum/maximum height for aerial acts, etc)

  8. Length of act:

  9. Short description of act:

  10. Contact me with future tbd dates for ambient performers and/or roving performers: y/n

  11. (Optional) Performing CV Attached? y/n

Use subject line format “Audition (Your Name).” Add number for multiple submissions, ex. “Audition Hobbes Cat 1 of 2”.

Send to Application deadline: Aug 20, 11:59pm.

Other Information

For the audition, CircoFit can provide: pulley points with swivels (24’) for single point apparatuses, open space on sealed concrete floor 30’ by 30’ (24’ tall), crash mats, low stretch nylon tricot silks, corde lisse, straps, low stretch aerial loop, single point trapeze, single point lyra. All applicants must be over 18 and sign a waiver to use the CircoFit facilities for the purpose of the audition.

Posted: July 27, 2022.

Deadline to apply: Aug 20, 2022.

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