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Gear Wish List

Much of our budget intended for buying gear was eaten up by the permit process! We've been paying commercial rent during the delays, fixing code violations from the previous tenant, and designing and installing a new HVAC system to meet new City code requirements. None of this was planned and all of it was required to be allowed to open, and all of this was done without any revenue coming in.

While we play catch up, perhaps you can help us make the most of our new space! The more of this gear we can acquire or borrow, the more use we can get out of our studio.

Not all of this can be bought second hand, but certainly keep an eye out for auctions for the strength and accessory items. Do you have some of these items sitting unused in your home gym? Please let us borrow them and put them to good use!


  • Steel hook swivel with gate x6 for main floor

  • Steel hook swivel with gate x4 for mezzanine

  • Port-a-pit x1

  • 5’x5’ crash mats x4

  • Plyo box x 2-3

  • Doubles trapeze x1

  • Hoops x4-6

  • Straps hardware/spreader plates


  • Bench for bench press x2

  • Barbell x2 @ 45 lbs

  • Barbell x1 @ 35 lbs

  • Barbell clips x4 pairs

  • Bumper plates 45lbs x8

  • Bumper plates 35lbs x8

  • Bumper plates 25lbs x8

  • Bumper plates 15lbs x8

  • Bumper plates 10lbs x16

  • Plates 5lbs x8

  • Plates 2.5lbs x8

  • Hex dumb bell pairs @ 45lbs, 50lbs, 55lbs, 60lbs, 65lbs, 70lbs, 75lbs, 80lbs

  • Trap bar

  • Full set of competition kettlebell pairs


  • Shatterproof mirrors (for mounting up high)

  • Studio mirrors (for mezzanine classes)

  • Ballet Barre

  • MOAR stretchy bands, all sizes

  • Stall bars (building these)

  • Yoga balls x4 (orange, lime, black, or grey)

  • Lockers

  • Key swipe system

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