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Introducing CircoBoxing!

A program drawing from boxing, kickboxing, kung fu/wushu, and circus conditioning. Learn dynamic striking and conditioning in a fun environment to work on:

  • Building attributes, like strength, endurance, and mobility, that will carry over into your circus work or general fitness for activities;

  • Mindful focus through the mental puzzles of learning different skills, being present and tuning out the outside world. Improving coordination through play;

  • Stress relief through hitting the bags and moving intently. Providing a path for your stress and tension to express itself and refresh your perspective on problems.

Typical session includes:

  • Warm up with circus movement exercises.

  • Technical rounds: Learning moves used for the session, chance to practice with shadowboxing and padwork.

  • Intensity rounds: Exercises switching between different stations in a high-intensity rotation or circuit, including hitting the heavy bags.

  • Cool down and stretch out.

This level of class has no experience requirements. Varying difficulty levels and alternate exercises will be available for wherever you are in your fitness exploration.

Bring your own boxing gloves if you have them. Otherwise, shared open-fingered gloves can be provided.

When fundamentals and concepts are absorbed, these skills could branch off in many directions for future learning: cinematic striking and grappling, choreography, routines, sparring practice.


Join Herman on Thursdays from 5:30-6:30pm!


September Drop-In Special: $10+gst for everyone!

October Drop-In: $10+gst for members, $25+gst for non-member

RSVP/register at

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